Sleeping Angel

Sleeping Angel
By Greg Herren
Eric Matthews survives a near-fatal accident only to find his whole life has changed. Eric Matthews wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how he wound up there--and soon learns that it's vital that he remember. Apparently, he was in a car accident, and the body of classmate Sean Brody was found in his car, shot to death. But nothing makes sense to Eric. He and Sean weren't friends. In fact, they disliked each other. Sean was gay, and Eric is...well, he's not sure of much right now! Except he is certain he didn't shoot Sean, even though he can't remember anything about the day of the accident. To make matters worse, he starts having psychic flashes about the people around him: his doctor, a nurse, his mother, and other visitors. As Eric's memories slowly start to come back to him, he becomes more and more certain that not only is he innocent, but that the real murderer is out there...and wants to shut him up permanently. Author: Greg HerrenPages: 240Pub Date: March 2011ISBN 13: 9781602825093Read an excerptRead reviews of this title

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