A Haven for the Wanderer

A Haven for the Wanderer
By Jenny Frame

As the oldest daughter of a baroness with a quite superior attitude, Bronte de Lacey was brought up in privilege and expected to follow a traditional path. Make a good marriage and settle down to the business of making a family. But making a family isn’t what Bronte wants at all. Instead, she’s dedicated her life to saving animals as an animal rehabilitator. The Rosebrook village trust may give her the chance to finally live the life she wants and help others in the process.

Griffin Harris was brought up by her single mother in a poor housing estate. Finding out she is the sole heir of a large English estate catapults her from poverty to riches in one day. Her good-for-nothing father was never part of her life, so Griffin resents the money but uses it for her mother’s comfort while she travels the world, wandering, hoping to find her true place. When an old friend asks for a favor, she agrees to help restart a brewery in Rosebrook. It seems like a fine, and temporary, idea to Griffin.

When Bronte comes to the village, Griffin is drawn to her strength. Their connection creates a safe haven for the wanderer. But when Griffin discovers the truth about her father, all she wants to do is run.

Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick

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Words   71,500
ISBN-13  978-1-63679-292-7
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