Wild Wales

Wild Wales
By Patricia Evans

Aisling Moss is balanced on the crystal edge of success as one of the most sought-after wedding planners in London...until a single split-second decision sent her career crashing to the floor like a toppled tower of shattered champagne flutes. Soon after, a letter from the family solicitor arrives and she has to choose between picking up the scattered pieces of her career in London or taking the next flight to Wales to honor the last wishes of the grandmother she loved.

Finn Morgan was forced to end her fighting career after a sudden injury sidelined her rise to stardom in the cutthroat world of professional women’s boxing. Her job as a short- order cook in a Brooklyn luncheonette certainly doesn’t compare, but it also doesn’t require her to think about what to do next. Sleeping with her boss’s wife and spending quality time with a gym punching bag is all she needs, until she arrives home to a letter from across the pond in a pool of warm sunlight on her entry table.

In Wales, long-kept secrets and unexpected emotions surface for both Finn and Aisling. As they grow closer they’re forced to make difficult decisions about their futures: Do they return to the safety of the lives they had, or take a chance on wild love in windswept Wales?


Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick
Release Date  
ISBN-13  978-1-63679-772-4

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