Unexpected Ties

Unexpected Ties
By Gina L. Dartt

Sometimes the ties that bind can be deadly.

When Stephen Elliot ends up face down in his chocolate mousse at the Historical Society's annual dinner, Kate Shannon and Nikki Harris are swept up in another mystery, much to Kate's chagrin and Nikki's delight. Family ties run deep in the powerful Elliot family, who pull a lot of strings in the tiny town of Truro, and it's very possible that one of those snarled knots has led directly to murder. Meanwhile, Kate and Nikki have family threads of their own that become more complicated when Kate's grandmother unexpectedly returns from Florida, and Nikki's parents, out on the farm, start taking a sudden interest in the couple's unexpected romantic relationship. Can they sort out all these tangled strands before the killer cuts the lifeline that binds them together?

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