UnCatholic Conduct

UnCatholic Conduct
By Stevie Mikayne

Private investigator Jil Kidd is finding life too damn complicated at the moment. The P.I. firm belonging to her mentor, Padraig, is in a financial mess, and to help him, she must take this latest assignmentwhich couldn't be more offensive. When Jil is sent to St. Marguerite's Catholic School to investigate teachers breaking their contracts of Catholic conduct, her investigation takes a dramatic turn after a student winds up dead on campus. To further complicate matters, circumstances keep throwing her together with the hot blond principal, Jessica Blake, at the center of her investigation. Decades-old secrets run deep through the veins of this traditional school, and Jil has to find answers to some chilling questionslike what really happened to those two boys in the old gym forty years agobefore another student pays the ultimate price. Difficult, when all she can think about is getting Jessica into bed.

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