Cutie Pie Must Die

Cutie Pie Must Die

A Troy Murdock and Zane Ward Mystery

By R.W. Clinger
Welcome to Quill Village, New York, where queer men think with their big knobs, share steamy sex scenes in bathhouses, and hang out at The Diva Club. Things aren't so cute lately in the village, though. When the body of Ben Pieney, the hunky all-star quarterback for the Violators, shows up murdered outside the door of Troy Murdock's hair salon, all hell breaks loose. Of course, Troy is blamed for slicing the jock's throat open and tying his wrists in barbed wire.

Enter Troy's clumsy and alluring ex-boyfriend, Detective Zane Ward, who blackmails Troy to work with him on the Cutie Pie Killer case or go to jail for first-degree murder.

As a slew of queer suspects with rock-hard abs begin to pile up, two more victims are discovered in the city. What follows is a queer murder mystery with much sass, helpful clues, shirtless jocks, and a heated romance between Troy and Zane, who realize they just might make a perfectly cute couple together.


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