Both Ways

Both Ways
By Ileandra Young

Danika Karson, field agent of the Supernatural Prohibition, Extermination, and Arrest Regiment (SPEAR), has the highest capture and kill rate on record. That is, until the mayor of Angbec makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Moonlighting as a rogue private investigator, Danika must find the mayor’s son, presumed kidnapped by vampires. 

Determined to solve the case, Danika’s only lead is Rayne, a vampire whose power and beauty mask a kind and gentle heart. They race against time to find the missing boy, dodging vampires, evading SPEAR agents, and fighting the attraction that sparks between them. When the stakes rise ever higher, Danika is forced to put her life in Rayne’s hands, but can she really trust a vampire?


Advance praise from Publishers Weekly: "[T]his sleek paranormal romance introduces Danika Karson, the best vampire hunter on the city’s payroll....High points of this fast-paced novel include Danika’s relationships with her mother and sister, the smoldering attraction that starts between Danika and Rayne, and detailed worldbuilding. This captivating story draws readers in immediately and keeps them hooked." (starred review)

Cover Artist: Jeanine Henning

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Release Date  
Words   91,700
ISBN-13  978-1-63555-297-3
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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