BSB Preview
January 23

BSB Preview

BSB Preview * February 2021 Releases

Bold Strokes Books authors read from and discuss their upcoming releases


registration for each session required

all sessions stream live online, free of charge


Saturday, January 23, 2021


Session 1 * 5pm EST



Toni Logan, Share the Moon  preorder

Amanda Radley, Detour to Love  preorder

Anne Shade, Masquerade  preorder

Carsen Taite, Spirit of the Law  preorder

JD Wilburn, A Far Better Thing  preorder


Session 2 * 6pm EST



Joy Argento, Carrie and Hope  preorder

Jenny Frame, Royal Family  preorder

Renee Roman, Body Language  preorder

David S. Pederson, Death’s Prelude  preorder

Ali Vali, The Devil Incarnate  preorder