BSB Preview
November 21

BSB Preview

BSB Preview * December 2020 Releases

Bold Strokes Books authors read from and discuss

their upcoming releases


registration for each session required

all sessions free of charge


Saturday, November 21, 2020


Session 1 * 5pm EST



Georgia Beers, All I Want for Christmas   preorder

MA Binfield, Not This Time   preorder

Fiona Riley, All I Want for Christmas   preorder

J. Marshall Freeman, The Dubious Gift of Dragon Blood   preorder

Nicole Stiling, Heart of the Storm   preorder


Session 2 * 6pm EST



Georgia Beers, 16 Steps to Forever   preorder

Maggie Cummings, All I Want for Christmas   preorder

Charlotte Greene, From the Woods   preorder

Sandy Lowe, If You Dare   preorder

Jaycie Morrison, The Found Jar   preorder