Twisted Screams

Twisted Screams
By Sheri Lewis Wohl

A call she never expected to receive. A plea she never wanted to hear.  Forgiveness she never intended to give.

Lorna Dutton wouldn’t take a call from Anna Frye if she was the last person on earth. Despite the unconditional love Lorna has discovered with Renee Austin, she is far from ready to forgive Anna for dumping her for another woman. Some wounds cut too deep. But when Anna’s wife, Sadie, goes missing and the police are getting nowhere, Renee convinces Lorna to do the unthinkable: she takes Anna’s call begging Lorna to use her psychic abilities to find her wife. Always reluctant to use her psychic powers, Lorna is faced with a hard decision. Will Lorna be able to move past the history of lies and betrayal to help? Or will an unseen evil take Sadie beyond salvation? 

Third in the Reluctant Psychic Series

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Release Date  
Words   73,500
Pages   240
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-648-7
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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