The Lone Hunt

The Lone Hunt
By L.L. Raand, Radclyffe

A world of violent passions and inhuman hungers explodes as ancient taboos and primal desires collide.

Wolf Were Alpha Sylvan Mir wants nothing more than to keep her pregnant mate Drake safe in their secluded stronghold, deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, but enemies, political and praetern, force her into battle. Sylvan must confront the Vampire Chancellor Francesca, a one-time lover, about her part in a recent attack on Mir Laboratories—a confrontation that will test Sylvan's alliance with the Vampires and lead to war. Francesca's enforcer Michel, with a secret sexual conquest in Sylvan's Pack and a Were centuri—newly-turned Vampire, Lara—under her command, may have divided loyalties, too. Lara, born to fight in service to the Were alpha, finds herself caught between two worlds, belonging to neither, and her unexpected obsession with an enemy Alpha puts ancient loyalties to the test. In a world where humans and praeterns conspire for the ultimate power, violence is a way of life...and death.

A Midnight Hunters novel.

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