Shield of Justice

Shield of Justice
By Radclyffe

First in the Justice Series. One is a cop, sworn to protect and serve—one is a physician, sworn to heal. Together they become reluctant allies in the battle for justice. 

Special Crimes Unit investigator Detective Sergeant Rebecca Frye is attempting to solve a series of sexual assaults and running into dead ends at every turn. Finally, she has a break in the case—a witness—one person who may help her bring a madman to justice. But the witness is a victim herself and Rebecca must convince the injured woman's physician, Dr. Catherine Rawlings, to assist her, a task that brings each woman face-to-face with her own darkest fears. 

Amidst professional conflicts and a growing mutual attraction, the two women join in the battle to trap the perpetrator before he strikes again.


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ISBN-13  978-1-60282-263-4
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