Run to Me

Run to Me
By Lisa Girolami

Burned by the four-letter word called love, the only thing Beth Standish wants to do is flee for—or maybe from—her life.

In the middle of the night Beth takes her favorite running shoes and a flyer for the upcoming San Francisco half-marathon, and drives to the City by the Bay. Hoping to escape the ruins of her relationship, Beth intends to run thirteen miles straight into San Francisco's famous fog. When an insightful woman named Alder Beckman comes to her rescue, Beth feels that maybe she's found the calm sanctuary she so desperately seeks. But Beth's calm is soon turned on its ear when she is pursued by an arousing and wild woman named Mary Walston, who has relationship ghosts of her own. It quickly becomes apparent that neither Alder nor Mary intends to let Beth disappear into the fog that easily. Will Beth be able to run fast enough to keep ahead of love, or will it overtake her in the home stretch?


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