Return to McCall

Return to McCall
By Patricia Evans

Overwhelmed by sudden fame, Lily Larimer retreats from LA and returns to McCall, the last place she’s felt truly happy, even if that means seeing her ex, Sam, who seems to have found exactly what she wanted in life. Hoping to get her future back on track, Lily isn’t looking for romance—not until she meets Alex, the gorgeous Cuban dance instructor at Lake Haven, Sam’s newly opened lesbian retreat.

Sam Draper, McCall’s chief of police, and her wife, Sara, are ready to start their family, but their plans go awry when Sara experiences fertility issues. Summer heats up as they open Lake Haven, but cracks soon start to emerge with the realization that what they want most, a family, might be just out of reach.

As the secret evil lurking just beneath the surface of their sleepy little lake town emerges, all four women discover that sometimes happiness comes when you least expect it.

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ISBN-13  978-1-63679-387-0
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