Place of Exile

Place of Exile
By Rose Beecham

The Four Corners is the perfect place for people escaping from something, and Sheriff's Detective Jude Devine is no exception. But Jude can't afford to dwell on her past—she has too much to think about in the present.

Local benefactor and reclusive millionaire Fabian Maulle has been found murdered. The Aryan Sunrise Stormtroopers are planning a ricin attack on the Telluride Film Festival. The feds have hit town and the sheriff wants Jude to liaise with Aidan Hill, the Special Agent in Charge. But Hill is a straight arrow who thinks Jude is a slacker. Their working relationship is only made worse by a mutual lust neither is willing to acknowledge. Jude is also losing sleep over a friend, Sandy Lonewolf Lane. Sandy, a former paratrooper, is stalked by her past. She's called the Four Corners home since the suicide of her lover, whose son was killed in Iraq. Sandy is planning to assassinate the vice president of the United States, and her determination to carry out her mission, and Jude's to stop her, draws the two women into a lethal game of cat and mouse.

If all that weren't enough, Jude faces a personal dilemma when Dr. Mercy Westmoreland's marriage to actress Elspeth Harwood gets shaky, and Mercy comes looking for consolation.

Book Three in the Jude Devine Mystery Series


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