Loving Liz

Loving Liz
By Bobbi Marolt

When love takes center stage, even the best of scripts might need a rewrite.

Broadway actor Marty Jamison is the reigning queen of musical theater. Saddled with a one-woman show, a mediocre script, and a shoestring budget, Marty hires newly divorced novelist Liz Chandler as writer to bring the show to life. Marty and Liz are soon writing their own personal script, but the budding romance is threatened when Marty begins to question her judgment on past love and of loving Liz.

Enter Felice Tate, a young, talented Off-Broadway actor who is eager to dethrone Marty. As the pressure mounts in Marty's professional and personal lives, Marty walks out of the show. Will the curtain go up for Liz, Marty, and the nameless play? Or will the lights go out on stage and in Marty's heart?

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