Little White Lie

Little White Lie
By Lea Santos

Emie Jaramillo learned long ago that brains count more than beauty, and that's just fine with her. She doesn't want, nor does she need, a relationship. When her prestigious academic career earns her an invitation to appear on a national talk show, she eagerly looks forward to discussing her genetics work. Little does she know that the episode is really entitled "Those bookworm looks have to go!" Worse yet, gorgeous makeup artist Gia Mendez—a woman around whom Emie stupidly lowers her guard—was in on the humiliating prank.

The fiasco just convinces Emie of what she knew all along: relationships are for other people, and women like Gia don't belong anywhere near her world. But Gia's about to make it up to Emie, by convincing her she has not only brains, but beauty...and she's the only woman Gia wants in her life.

First in the Amigas y Amor Series

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