By Gun Brooke

Freedom | Book 1
Age Gap
Big City
Enemies to Lovers Romance
Financial gap/Class disparity

The boy on the gurney is dying. Held at gunpoint by a subterranean terrorist, Dr. Rayne Garcia fights to save his life. One false move will put everyone in danger. She’s seriously regretting volunteering at the third-floor free clinic when she usually works in one of the Eastern Coastal City skyscrapers.

Kaelyn Dark doesn’t like the label terrorist when all she wanted was to protect her people against the military units sent by the corrupt Celestial authorities. Kaelyn has brought the child, critically injured during a Celestial raid, into an enemy clinic. Attempting to save his life is reckless and desperate, but she’s unable to foresee how intertwined her and Rayne’s fates will become.

Meeting Kaelyn fuels Rayne’s suspicions about the propaganda fed to her and other Celestials. Once she takes a stand for what is right, she can never return to her opulent way of life—but can she survive the harsh conditions? A daring plan to migrate the subterranean population to live above ground—in peace, is underway. Kaelyn’s fought her entire life for this, and she can’t allow herself to fall for Rayne. If she loses focus and something goes wrong, it could mean the end for all of them.

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The Curse

By Alexandra Riley

Diana Dillon and her eleven-year-old daughter, Ryder, are moving back to Diana’s father’s farm in rural Illinois hoping for a new start. There’s something mysterious about the Dillon farm that Diana can’t quite remember, not even as vague memories begin to surface after she encounters an ominous stranger on her way to the farm during a heavy snowstorm.

Deputy Melonie “Mel” Defoe has just returned home from military service in the Middle East. She’s new to the local sheriff’s office, joining at the insistence of her father, former sheriff Norman Defoe. Though it’s not exactly the job she’s dreamed of, she is drawn into the web of mystery surrounding the apparent attack on newcomers Diana and Ryder Dillon and the unusual occurrences at the farm no one can explain.

With Diana healing from the attack and Ryder trying to adjust to life on the farm with her grandfather, can Mel discover the mystery behind the Dillon farm before they all fall victim to the deadly and cursed land?

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The Heart Wants

By Krystina Rivers

Big City
Friends to Lovers Romance
International Setting

Sydney meets Reagan in an Italian café when Reagan helps her order. Instant best friends, they spend an idyllic fall sightseeing until Sydney’s semester abroad comes to an end and she returns to the States. Reagan’s a young Army second lieutenant living under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and must stay behind and complete her assignment. But their final night together—complete with a first kiss—lives on in Sydney’s mind.

Over the next fifteen years, Reagan and Sydney ricochet in and out of each other’s lives, with each parting leaving deeper longings and scars than the last. When DADT is repealed and they both end up in Washington, DC, it’s a chance for Reagan to finally win the heart of the woman she has always loved, if only the Army didn’t threaten to send them to opposite sides of the world once again.

An epic love story that traverses the complexities of duty, loyalty, and sacrifice across the decades, Sydney and Reagan know what their hearts want, but love keeps slipping through their fingers.

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By Shelley Thrasher

Age Gap
Friends to Lovers Romance
International Setting
Close Quarters

A tribute to the value of self-awareness and self-kindness, Untethered is the heartwarming story of a vacation gone wrong that leads to an unexpected journey of the heart.

Helen Rogers is ready for a relaxing cruise in Bali with her friends and married couple Martha Jo and Amy. After flying from Dallas to Australia, they board a small ship bound for Bali, only to quickly realize they have stumbled into a strenuous expedition more suited to CrossFit enthusiasts than vacationers like themselves in their seventies and eighties. Amid shipboard chaos and excursions to seldom-visited Indonesian islands, Helen becomes mesmerized by the younger, enigmatic Grace—unhappily married and searching for a resolution.

Things go from bad to worse when Helen and Amy become ill and must stay in isolation. Totally alone for the first time, memories of her time with Grace begin to haunt Helen. Was Grace’s last declaration that she was returning to her husband true? Why does Helen always fall for unavailable women? Could it have something to do with her lifelong aversion to meeting strangers and socializing in general?

After a nightmarish flight home and several months of recovery and reflection, Helen uncovers an earth-shattering realization that will change her life, and the possibilities of love, forever.

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You Can't Go Home Again

By Jeanette Bears

Friends & Community
Friends to Lovers Romance
Children / Families
Coming Out
Non-Binary Gender

Julia Martin is a thriving physical therapist and gym owner with a steady relationship and even a dog. Her life is uncomplicated, simple, and fun, even if she sometimes feels like she’s missed out by never leaving the Midwest town she grew up in. That is until a heartbreak from her past comes crashing back into her world, and everything starts to spin into motion and out of control.

Raegan Holcolm thought all they wanted was a proud military career, and that’s what they had. But a sudden injury sends them back to their hometown with a wealth of pain, both physical and emotional, insecurities, and the reality that the career they’d chosen above all else has rejected them.

The first time they fell in love, Rae left Jules behind. For love to have a second chance, they’ll need to realize all along that home might have been a person just as much as a place.

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By L.M. Rose

In the year 2597, Earth’s colony world of Mariposa is shared with an alien race, the Tipruii. When war breaks out between the human colony and the aliens, Fiona learns that her future will be the price of peace. To save her people, she will be the tribute in a treaty marriage to the Tipruii princess, Simaala, and spend the rest of her days on the other side of the wall between their races.

As the war escalates, Simaala and Fiona navigate the confusion of new cultures and new desires to find a love that will transcend their differences. But not everyone wants peace, and Fiona is in more danger than she knows, putting all their plans and the fate of the human race in jeopardy.

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New Horizons

By Shia Woods

Big City
Children / Families
New York City

Quinn Collins is ready for her Off-Broadway debut. With her modeling days behind her and a contract secured for her one-woman show at the prestigious Horizon Theater, she’s eager for a fresh start.

Alex Anders was born into the world of theater. Her father owns one of Manhattan’s most distinguished theater companies, and Alex has spent her life performing. Now the managing director for Horizon, Alex is content to be around the stage, even if she’s not on it.

As Quinn prepares for her opening night and Alex works to clinch Horizon’s coveted executive director position, ghosts from Alex’s past may jeopardize both their goals.

Neither of them can afford a romantic distraction, but the pull of their attraction is hard to resist. Their love story may be the encore performance of Alex’s worst fears or the one act that could change their lives forever.

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Writ of Love

By Cassidy Crane

Kelly Lattimore dreams of using her legal skills to help those in need, but practicalities force her into the soul-crushing world of Big Law. Despite the shock of a one-night stand being her new boss, she’s determined to excel…and maybe even make her family proud of her for once.

As cutthroat as she is beautiful, the last thing high-powered attorney Jillian Briggs is looking for is an office romance. Still smarting from her divorce, she distracts herself with work and casual sex. She never planned to mix the two, but when Kelly turns out to be her new associate after their night of passion, Jillian’s carefully partitioned life is turned on its head.

Try as they might, Kelly and Jillian can’t resist their attraction. They’re determined to keep their connection purely physical, but the more time they spend together, the harder it gets to ignore their hearts.

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Ghost of the Heart

By Catherine Friend

Ghosts aren’t real, time travel isn’t possible, and aliens do not live among us.

This has been Gwen Tucker’s mantra since childhood, but when she—completely without artistic skill—visits an old Spanish fort to sketch as part of a fundraising challenge, something invisible takes control of her hand and draws a series of stunning images: a man dressed as Hamlet, herself being held at gunpoint, and her wife Billie being attacked. Being possessed by a ghost was not on Gwen’s bucket list, but she must finally admit that ghosts might be real, and one is obviously trying to send her a message.

With the help of Billie and the local paranormal group, Gwen struggles to figure out why they’re in danger. Their progress is hampered by an unfriendly neighbor, an irritating colleague, and a stepbrother with a hidden agenda. Just as the confusion ramps up, Billie disappears.

Gwen and Billie must answer the question: Would you sacrifice everything to save the woman you love?

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Trial Run

By Carsen Taite

Courting Danger Romance | Book 3
Children / Families

Reggie Knoll imagined all kinds of new adventures after leaving her job at the courthouse, but getting stuck on a jury for a boring bribery case is not one of them. Picked to serve against all odds, she’s determined to do everything in her power to coax the other jurors to a swift verdict so she start her new career. But a pushy, beautiful woman is about to send her life spinning in a direction she couldn’t have anticipated.

Brooke Dawson doesn’t want to be on a jury any more than the rest of the people summoned to the courthouse, but she’s one hundred percent certain that when the judge calls the names of the chosen few, she’ll be on the list. The ominous voice on the phone told her that much right before they threatened her. Now she must convince the eleven other jurors, including the infuriating but devastatingly attractive know-it-all Reggie Knoll, to agree on a verdict—the only verdict that will keep her and her family alive.

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The Naked Truth

By Sandy Lowe

When Rowan Marks signs up to be a research subject in a study on sexual fantasies, she's not looking forward to baring her soul to PhD candidate and head researcher Genevieve Fielding. But she's running out of choices. Her fantasies are as unsettling as they are arousing, and she has to make them stop. Who better to help  than the quietly gorgeous, future Dr. Sex-Fantasies-Are-My-Specialty?

Genna isn't what you'd call a people person. Breaking the rules and compromising her objectivity by helping a subject with real-life problems? Hard no. She's not capable and not qualified. But Rowan won't be deterred, and Genna has to learn to apply her findings in a clinical setting or risk losing a prestigious grant. 
As one intimate confession leads to another, and the professional blurs into the personal, powerful attraction threatens to overwhelm their better judgement. How far are they willing to go, and how much will they risk, to make their most captivating and forbidden fantasies a reality?
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