Hands of the Morri

Hands of the Morri
By Heather K O'Malley

When Nib’s human is abused by his father because of his gender and runs off with an all-female group of warriors called the Hands, Nibs is worried and takes flight to follow. Someone has to keep the young man out of trouble.

However, trouble finds them. Discovering she is a Lost Sister and growing acquainted with her new body, the now renamed Asche learns how to be a warrior and commune with the Goddess the Hands serve, the Morri. Asche works hard on her steel so she can be truly strong, and as the motto for the Hands goes, forge herself anew.

That found strength will be tested as the Hands discover they are being targeted by Slavers and must defend their village in a Holy war. Battling against bandits and the God supporting them, Nibs isn’t sure all Asche’s training will be enough to save her.

Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick and Chariot Lowery
Release Date  
ISBN-13  978-1-63679-466-2

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*This item has not been released and will not be available until: October 1, 2023