Ghost of the Heart

Ghost of the Heart
By Catherine Friend

Ghosts aren’t real, time travel isn’t possible, and aliens do not live among us.

This has been Gwen Tucker’s mantra since childhood, but when she—completely without artistic skill—visits an old Spanish fort to sketch as part of a fundraising challenge, something invisible takes control of her hand and draws a series of stunning images: a man dressed as Hamlet, herself being held at gunpoint, and her wife Billie being attacked. Being possessed by a ghost was not on Gwen’s bucket list, but she must finally admit that ghosts might be real, and one is obviously trying to send her a message.

With the help of Billie and the local paranormal group, Gwen struggles to figure out why they’re in danger. Their progress is hampered by an unfriendly neighbor, an irritating colleague, and a stepbrother with a hidden agenda. Just as the confusion ramps up, Billie disappears.

Gwen and Billie must answer the question: Would you sacrifice everything to save the woman you love?

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ISBN-13  978-1-63555-113-6

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