After the Fire

After the Fire
By Emily Smith

Paramedic Connor Haus is good at two things—saving lives on the streets of Boston and holding her past against every firefighter she meets. The tragic loss of her partner, Kam, has left her bitter and angry, her work and fellow-EMT Jake O’Harrigan the only pieces of her life she still cares about. Until rookie firefighter Logan Curtis moves to town, and onto Connor’s scene, and threatens to rattle the walls Connor has long since put up. 

Hotshot Logan has never had a problem getting women to notice her. But when Connor trips her radar, she realizes Connor may be more than just another notch on her bedpost. But how could anyone compete with Kam’s memory? 

Sometimes, you have to wait until after the fire to see just what’s worth saving.



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Release Date  
Words   61000
Pages   240
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-653-1
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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